Where Success Blooms is a premiere educational consulting company that helps busy parents of 8th-12th graders save time and money in not only finding a great college fit for their students, but also in making high school meaningful for them.

We believe passionately in the transformative power of education and are dedicated to the goal of helping students from Los Angeles to London and Boston to Beijing blossom holistically (not only as students but also as leaders). Where Success Blooms is founded and managed by Lanita Foley and consists of a comprehensive network of professionals/organizations that support the educational and personal growth of its students.

Lanita Foley, Where Success Blooms

A Founder's Note

by Lanita Foley, MA

I spent several years evaluating the applications of high achieving students to Stanford University (my alma mater) and the University of Southern California’s Business School as an Assistant Director of Admissions.  What I remember most is just how nuanced the process is at top schools like Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, and UCLA; it is much more of an art than a formulaic science of looking at numbers and correlating ability. Having read thousands of applications and having helped students find their best fit colleges from Michigan to MIT as an Associate Director of College Counseling at Phillips Academy, I have developed a comprehensive system, which I share with my clients at Where Success Blooms. Working with Where Success Blooms is like having the missing teacher’s edition to the college admission process.

While walking in the South of France during a recent vacation, I noticed a beautiful lotus flower blossoming in not-so-attractive looking mud--it’s natural habitat.  I laughed when I thought that such a beautiful flower needed the not-so-attractive looking mud to nourish it.  Later that day, I overheard a wise man speak a phrase that distilled what I had observed.  He said: “No mud. No lotus.”

This idea of lotus flowers blossoming when they are nourished and ready to open made me think of the students that I had worked with over the years to find a great fit college. Like the lotus flowers, those students who focused on all of their individual needs (i.e. academic, financial, and personal), had a growth mindset, and maintained their authenticity throughout the process of applying to college have blossomed into creative, productive, and innovative leaders.

I founded Where Success Blooms to use my experience to not only help students find a great college fit, but also to engage them intellectually and encourage them to be life-long learners.  I serve as a mentor, coach, and educator to help my students focus on keeping the whole picture in perspective. Recent university studies have shown a positive correlation between student engagement and motivation and academic performance, particularly during the critical first year of college. I believe that combining both practical college preparation and fueling a student's passion for learning results in the greatest success not just in college, but also in developing a rewarding life and career.

Lanita's families are proud of their students’ success, with 95% of students being accepted into one of their top choice schools in 2013.

Lanita, a native of California, lives in Massachusetts with her spouse and works with her Massachusetts-based clients in person and works with her out-of-state clients either virtually or face-to-face. She is a seasoned public speaker who is available for both small and large group presentations.