The key to your student’s educational success and growth is your family’s knowledge, mindset, and commitment.

Our goal is to help busy parents find the best set of college matches for your student and help to make your student’s high school experience meaningful.

As your family’s educational advisor and coach, Lanita will work with you and your student in four key areas: Academic Success Planning; Leadership Development; College Strategy; and College Application Guidance in the way that best suits your family’s needs and goals.


Academic Tutoring and Referrals

Accountability, Motivation and Goal Setting

Learning Differences and Referrals

Organization, Time Management and Study Habits

Leadership Development

Identifying Meaningful Leadership Opportunities

Creating Customized Reading Lists

Improving Public Speaking Skills

Interfacing with School Leaders

College Strategy

Course Selection and Extracurricular Choices

Understanding the Highly Selective College Admission Process

Summer Enrichment

Test Preparation Strategies and Referrals

Merit Scholarships and Financial Aid Building College Lists and Visits

College ApplicaTION GUIDANCE

Writing Memorable College Essays

Managing College Essay Supplements and Other Requirements

Application and Resume Review Interview Coaching Sessions

Waiting List Procedures and Next Steps

Lanita Foley also gives workshops and seminars for community organizations and schools.

Popular workshops include:

Understanding Today's College Admissions Landscape
What are the current trends in college admission and what do you as a parent need to know to make sure your student is accepted to their best fit school in the most stress-free manner possible?

Crafting a memorable college essay.

For more information about scholarship searches and financial aid, please contact us directly at