“I am a busy company CEO by day, and I needed to find a way to maximize my time and give my children the best college and boarding school admission advice. Since my children started working with veteran college admission expert Lanita Foley of Where Success Blooms, I found I could rest much easier knowing that my son and daughter who both attend high school in Newton, Massachusetts are in great hands. Both of my children applied to college and to boarding school in the fall of 2013.

I am very pleased with the list of schools that each of my children chose because they served their individual needs (e.g. academic, social, and personal) best. Lanita did an excellent job in not only communicating with my children (and guiding two very different individuals) but also in seeking my input and being there for every member of my family.

Seeing my son give Lanita a high-five when he was admitted to a top-choice college was wonderful. Watching my daughter display confidence, poise, and enthusiasm during her interviews at some of the best boarding schools in New England after having been prepped by Lanita was priceless.

Not only did she serve as a guide for my children but she was also indispensable in helping me to not feel completely overwhelmed and perhaps useless in the whole process.” – Cynthia Tsai, Chief Executive Officer, Newton, Massachusetts